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Mission Statement

     Appeal to the established actors in the Southeast who would like specialized attention in representation on southeastern Film and Television projects.

Contact Us

Wilmington Information 

PO Box 16675

Wilmington, NC 28408

910.616.1708 - Office/Cell

910.833.8604 - Fax Line only  


Atlanta Information

P.O. Box 250581 

Atlanta, GA 30325

404.545.2188 - Office/Cell  

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HEADSHOT Photographers -Wilmington, NC:

Patricia Roseman   click   email  

Belinda Keller  click   email 

Dana Hawley  click  email

Jamie Hansen click email

There are others but these are ones that have asked how we like things done and work hard to get the shots we are looking for in the Film Industry.  Not every photographer is a GREAT HEADSHOT photographer.  


ON CAMERA or FILM acting classes -Wilmington, NC:

Actor's Arsenal, Ron Fallica & Allie McCulloch, email

Insight School of Acting, Elizabeth Becka, owner  email

Peter Jurasik - Acting Workshops  email

TAPS Studios, Tammy Arnold owner - Private lessons  email 


ON CAMERA or FILM acting classes in Atlanta, GA:

Actor's Breakthrough with GregAlan Williams Click Here




Professional Video Taped Auditions- Wilmington, NC:

Actor's Arsenal, Ron Fallica & Allie McCulloch, EMAIL

Insight School of Acting, Beth Becka    EMAIL

Michele Seidman    EMAIL


Professional Video Taped Auditions-  Charlotte/Raleigh areas:

Corrigan and Johnson Casting  EMAIL

Sandhills Video in Charlotte - Ed Ricker  phone 910 315-3199


Professional Video Taped Auditions- Atlanta, GA:

Casting Direct LLC 


Professional Video Taped Auditions- NOLA:

Douglas M Griffin 

Ann Mahoney 


Reproduction House for Printing Headshots:

Pixel Pushers   On Line only

Dock Street Printing   Local for last minute headshots



Actor's Arsenal- Wilmington, NC



I would be glad to put other Photographers, Acting Teacher/Coaches and places to tape auditions if you request it.  I will want to see examples of your work and prices.  We do not take a kick back or fee for sending you people.  We just want our clients to get the best training and photos and tapings possible. We would like to add other locations in the Southeast for all of these services.