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Mission Statement

     Appeal to the established actors in the Southeast who would like specialized attention in representation on southeastern Film and Television projects.

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Wilmington Information 

PO Box 16675

Wilmington, NC 28408

910.616.1708 - Office/Cell

910.833.8604 - Fax Line only  


Atlanta Information

P.O. Box 250581 

Atlanta, GA 30325

404.545.2188 - Office/Cell  

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STW Talent Agency

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Karanai Ravenscroft


Christy Grantham

Belinda Keller


Lana Young


Meredith Jackson


Shannon Moore


Anna Sharma


Karen White


Beth Adams

Amber Sheets


Misty Hall


Megan Campanile


Monique Grant


Nicole Pringle



Monnie Whitson


Juliet Cesario


Pam Smith


Jemila Ericson


JoAnn Williams


Annie Marsh


Hannah Westerfield


GregAlan Williams

Jeffrey Holler


Matthew Warzel



Morgan Brown


Adam Poole


Jordan Rhodes



Rob Springer


Luke Westerfield